Bonafyd is a FREE social app for movie aficionados. Watch Movies, Earn Points, Chat & Hang Out with Other Movie Buffs

It is powered by the world's first ever app that ensures all movie reviews are truly bonafide by ensuring that you have indeed watched a movie at a cinema.

It's Free!It's Yours!How Influential can you be?

What is it?

  • Get points every time you watch a movie at a cinema. Collect points and move up the ranks.
  • Live chat and hang out with other movie buffs right inside the movie pages
  • Do genuine check-ins at cinemas and share it on Facebook.
  • Be an 'Influencer' in a community of movie lovers. Boost your 'Influencer' ranking based on your activity.
  • Post and share interesting facts and trivia about your favorite stars and movies.
  • Search for movies worth watching based on genuine reviews
  • Inspire people to watch movies at cinemas, enjoy its wholesome experience and support the film industry.
  • Check movies near you based on location, and conveniently make your movie plan.

How does it work?

​Check-In for movies at cinemas

Turn on your GPS on your way to the cinema.Once you are snug & seated at the cinema, notify Bonafyd with a 'click'.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Based on few criteria, Bonafyd will notify you requesting your expert review, by the time you finish your movie.

Collect Points​

You have earned the right and privilege to voice your opinion. Earn points and move up the ranks with each review.

Chat & Hang Out with Other

Live chat and hang out with other movie buffs around the world right inside movie pages.